1.No-discrimination: It starts with us as the LGBT community. We need to work together towards one common goal and purpose.
2.Inclusive: Acceptance means all of us, all communities, individuals, all preferences, all identities are welcome.
3.Transparency: Through what we do, the decisions we take and how we communicate.
4.Willingness: To support and provide a united front towards one common goal. It starts with me: Support those who support me and my community


As a safe, supportive environment, the KZNPride LGBT+ strive to provide services, professional resources, and programs that unite the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer/questioning community across lines of age, race, gender, and economics. Our purpose is to strengthen, support, and celebrate LGBT+ individuals, families, and groups in their efforts to achieve their fullest potential.

KZNPride strives for positive social change through advocacy, community education, cultural awareness, and wellness programs that assist in the creation, development, and growth of LGBT+ affirming organizations, institutions, and culture within the community at large.


KZN Pride is registered as a Non-Profit Company (NPC) 201843977508 that forms a supporting umbrella in KwaZulu-Natal to promote a totally inclusive support structure and community that stands against discrimination and violence towards lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT+) people. We seek to affirm those of diverse sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression, by increasing visibility of LGBT+ people within our communities, by building partnerships and collaborations that celebrate sexual diversity and gender variance. We support and promote initiatives targeting the KZN LGBT+ community that include:

  • General events, such as entertainment & nightlife within the KZN area.
  • Monthly support and social groups, especially targeting sexual minorities and gender diverse people of all ages. Providing free or affordable counselling for LGBT+ and their parents/families.
  • Promote general awareness of LGBT+ issues around KZN
  • Provide resources within the KZN Region.
  • Encourage networking between LGBT+ groups and LGBT+ allies



We have several supporting structures in KwaZulu-Natal for the GLBTI community, mostly run by volunteers, none-funded. However, we are passionate about support and want to do our best to assist all queries and request. We always respond to valid requests, unless we mistakenly missed your request between our thousands of spam emails. Damn, those can be so irritating. We have no borders, no limits and we do care.


Why we might not respond to your request:

  • Your email was caught between our thousands of daily spam emails.
  • We do NOT participate in any research studies of students for their final practical projects.
  • We are not a dating or hookup agency – Yip, believe it or not, we get daily requests for this

Cell + WhatsApp +27640584058