KZN Activist Join

Tired of discrimination and want to make a difference? All it needs to make a difference. We need:

  • A Single Person or Group
  • Your time

“No money can buy this – your voice is your power”

We do support regional, national and international activism, but at no stage do we encourage any activity to put any individual or group of people at any risk.

We do not encourage at any stage:

  • Race discrimination.
  • Sex identification discrimination.
  • Age discrimination.
  • Life style discrimination.

“If we do, we would LOVE you to point it out to us that we can rectify our mistakes. (We take this very serious)”

So at this stage you need to identify yourself in any of our categories here. Gang leaders are cool, Sponsor are even cooler but Volunteers is the hard of the operation, so be careful to place yourself.

How it works:

  • We are not a funding organisation. (Even if you like our sponsored website we got for FREE.)
  • We support awareness and discrimination in KwaZula-Natal specifically. We would love to fix the WORLD but there are only so many of us.
  • We run by NGOs, mostly funded by individuals who care (Not sponsored).  Alternatively we suggest you contact the National Lottery and hope for that trillion chance for a win.

“We do however through our individual sponsors believe that a change start with us, in our own back-yart.