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I would love to help with events at no cost if I am available. KZNPride is not a business and relies on support and it starts with you.


Any entertainer that identifies as LGBT+, or is openly supportive of the LGBT+community, is welcome to join us.


I am the owner, I have cool stuff to sell and I identify as LGBT+.


I support the LGBT+ community and would openly like to sponsor any of your events/ projects / running costs of the KZNPride.


Starting a movement as an individual or group in your home town? That is SUPER COOL so let us know and see where we can help you. NOTE that we do not support any type of violence, nor do we support putting any members live(s) at risk. However, we do support basic human rights and activism within the LGBT+community.

Let’s connect and see where we can help.

Gang Leader:

As the founders of the KZNPride: We aim to be inclusive of all ages, races, genders, orientations, faith systems and income groups. It is not about calling the “shots” but, managing the smooth operations and supporting the people who need help.