FUNDED 2019: Rural initiatives development.

Planned Funded rural initiatives development.

We received funding for the following project to roll out in 2019:

Currently LGBT+ individuals only have supporting structures in Durban and Pietermaritzburg, leaving all outlining areas such as Richards Bay, Ulundi, Ladysmith, Mooi River/Howick and Port Shepstone vulnerable due to a lack of resources and support.

KZNPride have already identified very small but very effective initiatives in Richards Bay, Ladysmith and Port Shepstone that do not have the funding and resources to continue with their work due to financial constraints. This might also be because they do not have the resources and capacity to apply for funding initiatives.

KZNPride want to assisting these smaller successful initiatives in KwaZulu-Natal to host their own events, and to provide counselling to LGBT+ individuals, that will also promote self-sustainability and dramatically reduce the operational cost of moving qualified people from urban to rural areas, such as travelling and accommodation. People from the target community are better able to navigate the various customs and belief systems, while advocating for the human rights of the LGBT+ individual. This would ensure the success of the outreach, and accomplish a safer and healthier community.

Between 21 to 40 years of age.

  • Durban 20%
  • Richards Bay 30%
  • Ladysmith 20%
  • Port Shepstone 30%
3x Day general counselling principals short course. 4 x Sessions of average 25 individuals per session = 100 in total.
Race groups. All race groups.
Areas. 20% Urban

80% Rural